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Pizza 12" 16"
Cheese $9.00 $12.00
1-Topping $10.25 $13.75
2-Topping $11.50 $15.50
3-Topping $12.75 $17.25
4-Topping $14.00 $19.00
Zzeeks Specialties
Canadian Bacon, Pineapple
$11.49 $15.49
pepperoni, mushroom, green peppers, red onions and fresh Italian sausage
$15.99 $19.99
pepperoni, fresh Italian sausage, Canadian bacon and beef
$15.99 $19.99
spinach, green peppers, red onions, mushrooms, black olives, ricotta
 $14.99 $17.99
Chicken/White Sauce
garlic parmesan sauce, chicken, onions, green peppers
$15.99 $19.99
BBQ sauce, Chicken, Bacon, Onions, Cheddar
$15.99 $19.99
Ed's Spicy Buffalo Chicken
Bacon Bits, Cheddar Cheese, Chicken, Hot Sauce, Cheese, Ranch, Red Onion.
$15.99 $19.99
Bacon Cheeseburger
Bacon Bits, Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Cheese, Sauce, Red Onion.
$15.99 $19.99

Philly Cheesesteak
Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Philly Steak, Cheese, Provolone Cheese, Red Onion.
$15.99 $19.99

The Beast
Beef, Black Olives, Canadian Bacon, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Cheese, Sauce, Red Onion, Sausage
$15.99 $19.99
The Grand Slam
Bacon Bits, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Cheese, Sauce, Sausage

$18.99 $22.99
Pizza Toppings: Canadian Bacon, Fresh Italian Sausage, Beef, Bacon, Salami, Pepperoni, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Red Onions, Fresh Tomato, Black Olive, Spinach, Garlic, Pineapple, Banana Pepper, Jalapeno,  Cheddar, Provolone, Green Olives, Extra Cheese
Premium Ingredients for an additional Charge: Philly Steak, Meatball, Chicken, Artichoke Hearts, Fresh Mozzarella
Sandwiches $7.49
Buffalo Spicy Chicken-(chicken marinated in franks hot sauce, bacon, provolone, red onions and ranch)
Philly Cheese Steak-(sliced beef , provolone, green peppers, red onions and mushrooms)
Chicken Philly-(Chicken, provolone, green pepper, red onion and mushroom)
Zesty Chicken-(chicken, green peppers, red onions, mushrooms, provolone and honey citrus sauce)
Fresh Italian Sausage (spicy Italian sausage, marinara, provolone, green peppers, red onions and mushrooms)
Italian-(pepperoni, Canadian bacon, salami, provolone, green peppers, red onions and banana peppers)
Meatball (meatballs, marinara sauce, provolone, red onion, green peppers, mushrooms)
Chicken Bacon Ranch-(chicken, bacon, ranch, provolone)
Chicago Sliced Beef-(sliced beef, provolone and beef ajus)
Chicken Parmesan-(marinara, chicken, green peppers, red onions, mushrooms and provolone)
Sides Price
Breadsticks $3.99
Cheesy Bread $4.99
Garden Salad $4.99
Mozzarella Fingers or Jalapeno Poppers (6) $3.99
House Salad $5.99
Fried Zucchini $3.49
10 Macaroni and Cheese Nuggets $3.99
Zzepoles $2.99
Pizzookie $4.99
Cinnamon/Sugar Dessert Sticks $3.99
Ultimate Skinny Cow $3.75
Root Beer Float $2.59
Drinks-Pepsi Products
Fountain $1.79
2 Liter $2.59
Wine, Beer available for dine in only.!
Sun-Thurs 11:00 a.m-10:00 p.m.
Fri-Sat 11:00 a..m-11:30 p.m.
Wings $7.99 $14.99  
Boneless 1/2 LB (10) approx.. 1 LB (20) approx..  
Bone-In 1 LB (10) approx.. 2 LB (20) approx.  
(medium, hot, Barbeque, Caribbean style and honey citrus pepper)-Ranch or Blue Cheese dipping sauce. Served with Celery and Carrot Sticks.